Genghis Khan And The Mongol’s Theology; A Big God

big God
I tried to read as widely as I can. I'm generally fascinated by biographies. Biographies of people who made a notable impact, waves, disruptions of sort. One of history's figures I've had interest in was Genghis Khan. He shaped the history and direction of a people and continent. After conquering a city, he inquired about a large building. He thought it was the sultan's but it turned out to be a place of worship. This was problematic for the Mongols. "What kind of god needs a place to stay? How small he must be." This is because the vision of Continue Reading [...]

No Election Required

No Election Required
This is a guest blog post by Dan Wolgemuth. He had shared this on Facebook first. It had great impact on me and I asked him if I could share it here. He graciously agreed. Thank you Dan! At last check there were somewhere around 20 candidates aspiring to be the next President of the United States. In the early days of campaigning, these individuals look for ways to differentiate themselves from the crowded field. Each speech, every public encounter, and nearly all of their interactions are carefully scrutinized, evaluated and commented on. Political Continue Reading [...]

The Silence and The Move

2013 was a great year. Besides my other blog, I also got to start a photoblog and I Am Jonah, which is this blog. I've already written about why I started I Am Jonah here. 2014 started off with some significant changes for Ingrid and me. Our big change: we moved from Johannesburg as well as where we've served for a number of years. We both worked with Youth for Christ South Africa. Ingrid for seven years and me for five. We started 2014 with a move to Cape Town to serve at The People's Church (TPC). This is where we know God would have us serve Continue Reading [...]

The ‘Spiritual’ Books I Read In 2013

I've published 'other' books I read in 2013 here. Everything we read shapes and impacts us. It makes a difference to our spiritual journey. There are many God-inspired books available as much as there are some to stay away from. Fortunately I haven't come across one in while. I only started, this blog, I Am Jonah later in the year and thus never wrote much about books. On the other hand, starting this blog is not primarily for reviewing books like I did here. I only will do that if it falls in like with the general theme. Not that I will always Continue Reading [...]

On Starting “I Am Jonah”

I’ve been blogging for a while. Not here but on my other blog. When I was starting out on the other blog I knew I wanted to write about life and leadership as well as journey as a Christ follower. Having blogged for a while I realized that was too much to load onto one blog. At least for me. I don’t like clutter. I also felt I needed to have a unique expression of my faith that would resonate, be relevant to the journey of other people also. I had no desire to have another typical ‘devotional-type’ blog. There are enough "devotional-type Continue Reading [...]

Pagan Christianity?: A Review

This was a book I never rushed to finish. Partly because I have been reading other books and working on my theology assignments. The other part of it is that I wanted to be careful to take as much in and reflect on some of the things put forward by Frank Viola and George Barna. It is apparent that Pagan Christianity? is well thought out, researched and crafted. It was not “slap dash” work. Frank and George do communicate a heart for the Church as God intended. It is clear they have a sound understanding of the Church and her purpose. Thus Continue Reading [...]

Jonah Notes: God’s Voice Through Twitter

Half our fears arise from neglect of the Bible - Spurgeon — Charles Spurgeon (@Spurgeon_) September 27, 2013 This tweet was so on point, mainly because one of the post, The Notifications that touched something along these lines. So true. "God is a mighty, wonderful adversary: He tries to save all the people trying to kill Him." — Tim Keller Wisdom (@DailyKeller) September 26, 2013 Sometimes God fighting us is what is best for us. It takes discipline to allow Him to be God. Faith does not always equal knowing what's next. Continue Reading [...]


There's a perspective about "older day" Christians that helps being back some sort of "freshness" into my perspective as a follower of the Way. Some of the simplicity with sincerity people like Tozer wrote with is challenging and a good break from our present "Christian culture". Tozer's "Knowledge of the Holy" deeply impacted me and has been a favorite for years. His call is that of seeing God as He is. Having an untainted view... What "classics" impact(ed) you greatly & recommend? Why? Continue Reading [...]

Jonah Notes: God Tweets?

It is amazing the power a tweet can have. After all, God does use words to challenge us. To speak to us and shape our destinies. I read somewhere that some of the verses in the King James Version are generally tweet length. (Or was it in the gospels? Maybe I should be diligent about this... but that's not really the point of this post). God spoke in Biblical times through people. He still does. It can even be through people tweeting. Herewith are tweets made an impression on me. Made me think a little and challenged me: What is an idol? It Continue Reading [...]