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While We Do What We Do

“Ministry” and “doing church” have become jargon that we can easily hide behind. Sometimes all our activity is just that, activity. Every now and then an artist has to step away from the canvas and ask himself, “Is this what I set out to paint?”

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How We Treat Fellow Christians Who Believe Differently

As a growing Christian I held on to certain beliefs because that is what I was taught. I had no reasons to doubt. I trusted my teachers and pastors. Besides the Bible, I took their recommendations of books and resources without question. As I grew, in age and matured in the faith, whatever that means, I questioned more. Not because I was being argumentative or looking for a fight. I enquired a little more because I wanted to understand better.

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Genghis Khan And The Mongol’s Theology; A Big God

I tried to read as widely as I can. I’m generally fascinated by biographies. Biographies of people who made a notable impact, waves, disruptions of sort. One of history’s figures I’ve had interest in was Genghis Khan. He shaped the history and direction of a people and continent. After conquering a city, he inquired about a large building. He thought it was the sultan’s but it turned out to be a place of worship. This was problematic for the Mongols.

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Calling and Conviction; Reflecting On Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Let me start by thanks Eric Metaxas for doing a great job of Bonhoeffer’s biography. Through his work we have a good picture of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life. Eric’s work is a good example of what a biography should be. Without it I wouldn’t have been challenged the way I was. Let me not get ahead of myself. This is the first post, as I reflect on the Dietrich’s life. The theme of calling and conviction is one I’ll be exploring in this post.

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Review: Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

I can’t remember the last time I shed tears while going through a biography, because I did this time. Everything about Eric Metaxas’ work is beautiful. Excellent. I was not only impressed but so moved that I feel the words I just used are an injustice to his great work.

It is obvious by now that I’m impressed and highly recommend reading (or listening) to Bonhoeffer’s story by the author already mentioned. No author can produce a great work without being engrossed in his subject. This is obvious in the meticulous research and captivating story-telling by the author.

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I Am Jonah

The Evolution Of I Am Jonah Blog

One of the reasons for starting this blog was creating a space unlike my other blog. The reason: I didn’t want to create noise and fractured blog. This is because I Am Jonah is still a huge work in progress. It is still an attempt. An endeavour that is still stifled in a sense. The evolution of I Am Jonah blog is something, for many reasons, I’m still grappling with.

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Jonah Notes

No Election Required

This is a guest blog post by Dan Wolgemuth. He had shared this on Facebook first. It had great impact on me and I asked him if I could share it here. He graciously agreed. Thank you Dan!

At last check there were somewhere around 20 candidates aspiring to be the next President of the United States.

In the early days of campaigning, these individuals look for ways to differentiate themselves from the crowded field. Each speech, every public encounter, and nearly all of their interactions are carefully scrutinized, evaluated and commented on.

Political philosophy and personal values are squeezed out of each written or spoken sentence. Questions swirl and answers are evaluated. Words illuminate. Speeches inform.

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When I Feel Like I’m Not Getting Anything From The Bible

I’m not sure if many Christ followers will admit to this. You know, the times the Bible feels or seems silent. Let me say it: there I times when I feel like I’m not getting anything from the Bible. Sometimes I read the Bible and it doesn’t ‘seem’ like I’m getting anything out of it.

I must admit, upfront, that the problem is never the Bible. The ‘problem’, cause I can’t think fo another word, is often me. I’m not going to act like I know all the reasons why, because I don’t.

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My Assignments In Light Of Others [Podcast #01]

In the first I Am Jonah podcast I explore dealing with ‘my assignments‘ in light of others. The truth is, every now and then, we will take note of others’ work. Being involved with the sacred mission doesn’t cure us (or at least me) from having to deal with my humanity.

Looking at how others are fairing with their assignments compared to myself can result in pride or condemnation. Not only that, it detracts from what I should be focusing on.

Being involved with what God is doing with and through my life is only a part of the puzzle. It is only when I do well my part, and others the same, that a more complete image forms.

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I Am Jonah

God’s Work Among People

It is no doubt that God works in the lives of people. Myself included, I’ve seen his transformative power in the lives of countless people.

He works supernaturally. Some people confuse supernatural for spectacular. The supernatural is not always spectacular. ‘God’s work’ in people’s lives may not always be spectacular but it doesn’t mean it isn’t supernatural.

How He works transcends our complete understanding. We see the evidence of His work but we don’t fully understand how He brings it about. He is God. He would never be God if we had Him completely figured out.

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