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Fearing Breaking Homiletics, Hermeneutics And Other Rules

I’m doing theology studies. I particularly enjoy hermeneutics. I like seeing things in “the Text” that never saw before. Understanding is key to spiritual growth.

Homiletics: the art of preaching or writing sermons

Hermeneutics: concerning interpretation of the Bible or literary texts

While studies are liberating I feel like they are also a prison. I’m convinced there are right and incorrect ways of approaching Scripture.

With that said, sometimes afraid of breaking homiletics and hermeneutics rules. It’s like I’ve been made to believe that God will only speaks if I exegete the Scriptures a particular way. But can God only speak one way through Scripture?

Fearing Breaking Homiletics, Hermeneutics And Other Rules

I sometimes feel like by not doing what the homiletics tell me to I sin and rob people of hearing from God as I speak. I can recall a few times when I’ve felt the need to break the homiletics rules. There are times I’ve had the sense that while I stood before people and spoke, God was fighting to get His message through me.

To many like me, how many times do we “shotblock” God’s message from getting to people because of the “science” we’ve made of communicating His Word.

There are many other big words that I sometimes live in fear of and perhaps slavery to. Dare I say… I sometimes wonder how I’ve not helped others get easy access to God because of the vocabulary I’ve used. Because of a “method” I’ve employed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that I misuse or abuse Scripture but that sometimes it seems I’m more afraid of breaking some of these “rules” than I am of not doing what God tells me to.

My cry doesn’t cease: May I help people closer to God and not push them further with a vocabulary they cannot relate to. May I never be afraid to break the rules to allow God and His love to break through me and change lives.

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By Blessing Mpofu

that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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