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If you’ve ever hit “Buy Me Coffee” and actually have, thank you very much. I appreciate the support. I’m kinda switching things up a little, though. I’ve been studying theology for a few years now and hope to, at the least finish my honours.

Is that how far I’m willing to go. Not really but that’s the first milestone I’ve set, for now. One of the biggest reasons I haven’t gone that far is financial. So, the ‘coffee fund’ has now become the ‘help me study fund’.

Why theology? I will do my best to be brief… Well, the cheesy, “Why not?” answer. The short other two answers:

  • I’ve always wanted to study theology
  • It will help equip me with a solid foundation, in helping make sense of faith in the world and, the world through faith. I hope this makes me better able to serve not only the Church but the world at large.

So, I appreciate the support either way. Although I write better caffeinated, with your support, I can study and write caffeinated.

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