Spur Others On

God has given me & other Christ-followers a responsibility to each other. As part of His body we're responsible to spur each other into good works. This means I must be open to accept challenges to mature from my fellow Christ Followers. It also means that I mustn't be so caught up in myself that I don't make time to think of ways motivating others to acts of love and other good deeds. I don't get Continue Reading [...]

Who Am I Serving?

This scripture just struck me like a lightening bolt. Fear filled my heart as I read it. It is the light of the Word that's bringing to light that when I fear people, their opinions and even their threats more than God, in that instant I serve man. Do I sometimes serve fear more than God? The answer to this question doesn't come easy. Not because it is a difficult one; because it is not the one I'd rather give every time. Sometimes I do let fear get the best of me and I end up not serving God nor His purposes for others. Thus when the motives Continue Reading [...]

Light Does

Light reveals by showing enabling sight. It also reveals things by casting shadows. I sometimes feel exposed when I read God's word. My motives are often challenged. My priorities come into question. I can never come into alignment with what God wants in me, for and through me without allowing His light to probe me. It is sometimes uncomfortable but what I need. I sometimes run from the scrutiny of His light but He reminds me it is for my good and His glory. I Am Jonah. Continue Reading [...]

View After Church

  My view after worship gathering with the Church today. Somehow I always have a different perspective on the same thing after "encounter" with God in worship and listening to His word. Interacting with the Church i.e. other Christ-followers also helps. Sometimes I don't "feel like it" but I'm grateful that God allows me to connect with people and Himself in the life-changing experiences.   . Continue Reading [...]

The Path To Choose

  I always hear preachers talking about the fear mentioned here having more to do with reverence than being scared. I think they may be onto something, although part of me feels... I don't know... In that case, having reverence for God in itself will guide us. It means we're not driven by what we want and that we esteem more highly God's will and His "demands on us". I'm not there yet. I wish I was. I wish I had so much reverence for God that my fears and ego were so irrelevant that I followed God wholly in everything. I guess, in this Continue Reading [...]


  This is so funny. Well not hilarious funny but the other one. It's funny how I sometimes push for bargains with God, you know, try to get Him to bend His will to mine. Sometimes I try to reduce what God requires of me by making excuses. But Moses also had excuses for not going to Egypt so... There I go again... God, help me to appreciate and accept your will for my life and for others through mine. Amen. Continue Reading [...]