In the quest for simplicity and understanding, I believe humanity has tried to simplify by putting a label on everything. We just have to have a label on everything. Instead, the quest for simplicity and clarity has made some things more complex and life a little more challenging.

We’ve tried to have everything defined. Tried to manage everything by having it in labeled boxes we carefully manage so that they don’t bump. We’ve reduced our lives into compartments.

In Genesis God gave Adam and Eve life. He didn’t give them a family life, a physical life, or a spiritual life. The same applies for us. We tend to look at our lives as segments. Fractured.

restrictions compartments

I’m guilty of trying to manage areas of my life as compartments. Perhaps the most absurd of all the compartments is the “spiritual life” segment. Somehow I believed and made others believe that life is managed in segments. That we best please God when we correctly check of doing stuff in each box.

That if my “spiritual life”, whatever that is, has fit the hour box I set aside for the day then God is happy and so should the other boxes of live. It is absurd that God existed in certain confines of my diary, and at my convenience, for my convenience.

I have no “spiritual life” anymore. I mean, I decided God is greater than the diary space I can afford Him. When I restrict God to only certain aspects of my life I’ve, painfully, discovered that I miss out on the other experiences of Him in my life completely.

I’ve been that guy stupid enough to think that there times to spend time with God, do His work and actually not see that all of my life is His work and I belong to Him wholly.

I’ve been arrogant and stupid to confine God to certain hours and parts of my life [Click to Tweet]

How dare I give God a time limit for interaction with Him? Sadly I even told Him when He could speak to me. I shudder at the thought of how much I miss when I restrict hearing God to a slot in my diary and think that there is nothing more I could hear or encounter with Him outside of the confines of a diary slot.

Could I have made God an extra item to manage?

The totality of who I am and my life, with its complexities cannot be split up in my compartments. Does God only exist in a particular spot my life? Your life? What confines have you only come to expect Him in?

I must remember that He surrounds everything. He is with me and as I go about life He is.

Acts 17:28

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that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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