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Fear Of Missing “God’s Purpose For My Life”

I lived with the fear of “missing God’s purpose for my life”. In fact, my teens were torture. I was more scared of “missing God’s purpose for my life” than I was obsessed with “finding it”.

What if I God didn’t tell me what He put me on the earth for? What if He is saying it and I’m just too dumb to get it? It is like everyone but me knew what God put him or her on the earth for.

They had a clear picture. All I had, and still have, is the sense that there is something ‘great’ (whatever that means) that God has for and through my life. I’m sometimes too afraid to say this. Is it arrogance?

fear of missing God's purpose for my life

But then again God’s grace is what gives me, and everyone, give us, access to greater purpose for our lives. We aren’t perfect but are made perfect. We are weak but strong in Christ. Through Him we do valiantly…

For some reason I’ve lived under the impression that significance of my life lay in knowing the entire purpose for our lives. I lost of a lot moments in life because I got so tangled in looking ahead I stumbled where I was.

Life was a fumble. A walk in the dark. I know the people who told me to seek God’s purpose for my life were well-meaning. However, they missed something; God’s purpose for my life was not something afar off.

God has plans for my life. He had, and still has, plans through my life. However, I don’t need to know everything in its entirety. I don’t need to have an answer to impress people about the grandeur of what God has “called me to”.

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Once again, I need to guard my attention to hear from Him. I just need to be attentive enough to hear Him lead and send me where I am. To know the next thing. The next step.

Some people know exactly God intends for and through them right to the end of their lives. That is great. For them, God sees fit that they know it. For me, if God doesn’t do the same, I still must be at peace, knowing that He does have a plan for my life. Knowing that as long as I’m still breathing He has my world in His hands.

Could it be, then, that how I miss God’s purposes for my life is by being so focused on thousands of miles ahead that I miss the seeming minute assignments where I am today.

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God’s purposes for my life are not entirely about me. I am a part of them but they’re about other people. Perhaps what I need to be doing is listening for the voice of God in the need around me.

Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying… (Jonah 1:1).

That is one of the ways God’s purpose for our lives comes his word coming to us… Jonah’s adventure begins with God’s word “coming to Him”.

God, help me not to miss your word when it comes to me. Amen.

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By Blessing Mpofu

that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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