There’s always something about an encounter with God that makes us better. That awakens us to meaningful lives. Having an excitement about the future is one of the fruits of God encounters. Too many to mention…

God’s assignments help me see how depraved I am. It also makes me aware of others’ needs. However, there are times I think God sends me to “fix people”. How sad. I can’t even fix my own life. I need God for that.

Deviating from exactly what God sends me to do often results in frustration. One of the reasons for frustration is either do not respond how I thought they should or they don’t do what I felt they should be doing.

There are times I impose how I would respond to God’s message about something onto other people. I want to make them engage with God the way I do. That is not what I am called to do. I’m called to convey God’s message and leave the rest to His Spirit to work in the hearts of people.

fixing people

I tend to forget how I resisted responding to God how people said or thought I should. For example, going on a camp with Christ followers… There is always that one guys or gal who talks about how they can feel and see God’s power through nature. I hated it (and still do)…

I remember thinking, “Because you “feel” God in nature doesn’t mean I have to. I hate the way people try to force how they experience God on me.

Yet, I try to impose that on others. I try to impose my experience of God on them. I’m not called to replicate my encounters with God on others but to come alongside them in their journey with God.

When I try to make people respond how I think they should, I make myself the standard. I elevate myself above them. Looking back, I see that God has always sent me to convey a message, to give toward meeting a need. He’s never called me to elicit responses.

We’re not called to coerce responses but to convey God’s message [Click to Tweet]

It is sad when we force and coerce a response on people when God never sent us to do that. When we do this we undermine the Holy Spirit because it is He who convicts (John 16:7-8). Not how I craft my words. Not how emotional I make them feel. It is not the ambience I set with lights and smoke.

When I try to add my own flair I undermine God’s wisdom. I tell God there is a better way of doing things. Yes, I tell God how He needs to be God. God, forgive me.

My commitment has to be only what God sends me to do. Nothing more, nothing less [Click to Tweet]

Our commitment to the world as the Church is do to solely what God sends us to do. We must make sure that nothing about us taints the purposes of God in the lives of those he loves dearly.

Jesus, help me. Help us.



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that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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