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Consistency And Integrity: What God And Me Want

This blog is a window into my journey in alignment with what God wants me to be and do. Though I’m the one writing this blog, it is easily the story of every Christ follower. We’re all embroiled in a battle of some sort.

There is always what God wants and what I, in my selfishness, want. The thing is, what God wants and or expects of me is ultimately the best for me.

There is one sure way of being and doing what God requires of me / us. One sure, guaranteed way to be consistent and foolproof integrity. And that is doing what God’s ways says. God is consistent, and I am not.

Because He doesn’t change living according to His Word helps me to be consistent. I cannot be anything close to what God wants me to be without a relationship with His Word. Not just any kind of relationship, but an intimate one. Deep, insane, savage, unrestrained love for the Scriptures.

It is in this kind of relationship with God’s Word that what what God and me want is aligned. Not that God gets on the same page as me but the other way round. God’s Word reveals Himself. It uncovers me, who I am and what I’m not (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Not for the sake of it but so that I become more like Him. So that I’m equipped to do what He calls me to (2 Timothy 3:17; Ephesians 2:10).

The words of the Psalmist give me comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one. This gives me courage to pray:

God, help me to love Your Word. I want to want to live according to Your Word. When I compare my life to Your Commands may there be no difference. None at all. Amen

By Blessing Mpofu

that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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