in Through Lenses


Sometimes I think God’s call on my life is about ME being great.

There times I get caught up in myself while fulfilling a God-given assignment.

I taint God’s assignment to me with my own sentiments about those I’m sent to.

I change things to become the centre of attention when it’s God’s grace and love and Him that I should be putting the spotlight.

I need to constantly remind myself, in a non-cliché way that it’s not about me.

It is important I remind myself and others like me, we must be paying more attention to the content not the containers, which is what we really are: flawed vessels trying to bring light.

I’m not superman. The power God gives me to do anything is to transform me to transform others, for Him.

I’m not God. It scares me that I sometimes try to outshine Him. Take His glory by making it about me…

I must remember when God sends me His purpose is not to inflate my self-importance [Click to Tweet]

I am Jonah… Help me, God. Amen

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