Boring Christianity And Letter To Critics | Jonah Notes #02

Following Christ should be a grand adventure. Some Christ followers misrepresent Christ and what it means to follow Him. One of the reasons for this is a lack of vulnerability.

Worth Nothing

Jon Acuff did a post, Should Christianity Be So Boring, for CNN Belief. Jon gives an unusual but true insight into God’s heart. He unpacks what this should mean for Christ followers. Like me, you might be pleasantly surprised. Get a perspective on God’s heart and what running to Him is really like.

In the taste of I Am Jonah, Thom Rainer gets very vulnerable by writing to his critics. His post, A Note To Those Who Criticize Me. He talks about dealing with criticism as a leader and Christ follower. Addressing critics directly, Thom admits he needs the critics. I think that is not unique to Thom but to all of us.

On I Am Jonah

This week saw a lot of activity on the post, On Miley: My First Response And How I Should’ve Responded. This post unveils the wrestle I have, and many Christ followers have in dealing with either Christ followers who err or people living in contradiction to what God expects of us. It addressees how we can be judgmental and how we should react.

On GOD | What The Assignments God Gives Reveal, I share on how God has embarrassed me on assignments He’s given me. Not only that, but how I am glad He embarrasses me.

Following and still learning to follow Jesus, the Christ, I Am Jonah.

Is there anything you found this week you feel should make Jonah Notes?

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that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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