My Assignments In Light Of Others [Podcast #01]

In the first I Am Jonah podcast I explore dealing with ‘my assignments‘ in light of others. The truth is, every now and then, we will take note of others’ work. Being involved with the sacred mission doesn’t cure us (or at least me) from having to deal with my humanity.

Looking at how others are fairing with their assignments compared to myself can result in pride or condemnation. Not only that, it detracts from what I should be focusing on.

Being involved with what God is doing with and through my life is only a part of the puzzle. It is only when I do well my part, and others the same, that a more complete image forms.

I don’t suggest we take note of what others are doing. It can inspire and encourage us. Seeing others’ work can help us see ways we can help each other in our given work.

Often, the problem is not seeing how others fare in their own work. It is our attitude toward them. The issue is in our hearts. Seeds of pride or jealousy don’t need much watering.

Thus, the need to guard our hearts. Our attitudes colour everything we do. Unguarded, our hearts, even when it comes to what God trusts us with, can sabotage us and our assignments.

We must be careful to be occupied with what God sends us to do. We also must take care in our attitude and the state of our hearts while we’re at it.

In this podcast I grapple with this and explore what is lost when we get occupied with with people’s assignments. I also offer suggestions on how we can handle this so that we don’t get in the way of God reaching people He so loves.

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By Blessing Mpofu

that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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