OTHERS | What The Assignments God Gives Us Reveal [Part 3]

I’d like to think that I am God’s sole focus. That God has nothing better to do in multiverse but love me and wait for me to give Him an assignment. To meet my needs.

If the rest of the world is anything like me, God must have His hands full. Somehow He seems to care about people who He actually sends other people to them.

Like I’ve said before, when the hurting pray, God sends people. This makes me wonder and shudder; at the thought of how much hurt I’ve allowed to continue because of my unresponsiveness. I’m freaking out at the thought I haven’t curbed injustice because of wanting my comfort undisturbed. Because of being selfish…

OTHERS - What The Assignments God Gives Us Reveal

Despite our frailties, stubbornness and selfishness, God still sends us. He gives us assignments to reach other people. To be His agents. His representatives. Wow. Excitement. Fear. Sadness. A mess.

When God sends us, sends me, He reveals His heart for others. I’d like to think I’m the center of universe but there are other people God wants to reach. Sometimes, He sends to people we don’t feel deserve His grace.

Yet, He still sends…

When God gives us assignments His reveals that He cares for other people as well. He wants us to realize that other people matter to Him. That as much as He loves us, He loves “them”.

I have to remember that other people matter to Him as much as I do. When He gives us assignments He reminds us that we are to always look around us to meet need. Need for a shoulder. For time and other tangible things.

He reveals and reminds us of His love for others. Dear Jonah, stop thinking you’re it. Stop admiring and justifying your self-pity, lust, self-centeredness and selfish ambition. See the people God sees, the way He sees them. Feel and bleed for them.


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Sometimes I think God’s call on my life is about ME being great.

There times I get caught up in myself while fulfilling a God-given assignment.

I taint God’s assignment to me with my own sentiments about those I’m sent to.

I change things to become the centre of attention when it’s God’s grace and love and Him that I should be putting the spotlight.

I need to constantly remind myself, in a non-cliché way that it’s not about me.

It is important I remind myself and others like me, we must be paying more attention to the content not the containers, which is what we really are: flawed vessels trying to bring light.

I’m not superman. The power God gives me to do anything is to transform me to transform others, for Him.

I’m not God. It scares me that I sometimes try to outshine Him. Take His glory by making it about me…

I must remember when God sends me His purpose is not to inflate my self-importance [Click to Tweet]

I am Jonah… Help me, God. Amen

Jonah Notes: God Tweets?

It is amazing the power a tweet can have. After all, God does use words to challenge us. To speak to us and shape our destinies. I read somewhere that some of the verses in the King James Version are generally tweet length. (Or was it in the gospels? Maybe I should be diligent about this… but that’s not really the point of this post).

God spoke in Biblical times through people. He still does. It can even be through people tweeting. Herewith are tweets made an impression on me.


Made me think a little and challenged me:










Unseen To Me

God, help me see the handicaps I can’t see…

Those things stopping me from seeing you clearly, hindering your call and purpose for my life, for others through me.

Help me get off the high horse of seeing fault in others with complete disregard of my own.

The truth is sometimes I think and see myself as better than others. For that, forgive me.


I Have ALL The Answers… [NOT]

Because I (claim to) have a relationship with God, I should have all the answers. That’s an expectation my friends who aren’t in the same faith boat as I am say. (Everybody believes in something, even if it’s nothing). I also have Christ-following friends who take it since I have followed Christ for longer I should understand God better. They feel that because of this I should also have all the answers.

The truth is I’ve been through a period where I tried to answer every question in my bid to for them to understand God and my faith. Yes, I have been that arrogant. I mean, want to answer everything about God. About why He does things the way He does.

i ahve all the answers

There are some things I have an understanding of. Also, there are a lot of things I still don’t understand. I’m that guy who claims to claims to have direct access to God so why don’t I have the answers to all of life’s challenges? Why can I not make a great case for God? How can I follow God and be such a bad rep?

I’ve followed Christ for years and I some of my Christ following friends and I still battle what some things mean. Some Christ-following communities disagree on certain things. I think there’s a special word for it: doctrine. What is taught… How it is taught… How this and that should be done…

Some have agreed to settle on agreeing on the ‘important things’… Some things do matter more than others?

On the other hand, if I completely understood God would He be God? If I could completely define and present Him wholly, to my friends would they choose to follow Him and purposes for their lives for Him?

It is difficult not having all the answers, especially when it comes to those that aren’t following Christ, like I claim to be. If you’re one of my friends reading this, I’m sorry I don’t have all the answers about God. About how life sometimes happens the way it does.

I’m sorry for misrepresenting God by fabricating His perspective. Sometimes I have told you something about how God must be or think, or why he does or did something the way he does / did. I’ve lied for the sake of wanting to give you answer. For the sake of me looking good. For the sake of making sure God wasn’t embarrassed or ridiculed.

I have questions but my belief in the God who made the entire universe, yet numbers the hairs on my head, is greater than the questions. I trust more in what I’ve come to know about Him. In how I know Him, than in the unanswered. I also know that it is His grace that connects me with a deeper purpose for my life and the lives of others.

The best I can do, from now on, is share what I know. When I don’t know I will tell you, “I don’t know”. Then, I’ll pray that the God, who can reveal Himself to you, reveals Himself to you. I also pray that for myself. Often.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

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Movement can be deceiving. Sometimes I think my activity is synonymous with movement toward God. The truth is, I don’t always run to Him. Sometimes I run from Him.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I do it intentionally sometimes. At other times my life is too clouded and my thoughts too cluttered for me to discern. I sometimes realise that I have been running from Him when peace and purpose evade me.

Running from God always costs me something. I pay the price unawares and sometimes not only knowingly but willingly.

It is easy to know and at other times takes me a while to figure it out.

Because I am aware that I Am Jonah I know to constantly ask and check with myself, “am I running to or from God?”

What about you? Does peace and purpose evade you? Have you stopped to ask yourself if you were running to and not from God?

I’m not suggesting that peace and purpose is that sign that I or anyone is running from God but it is one of the signs to watch out for.

Am I, are you, running to or from God?