I Am Jonah

Silence and Solitude


Silence and solitude. Uncomfortable when neglected. Much noise fills our lives already.

Silence and solitude. A friend; far from foe. The friend who makes us focus on where we’re falling short.

Silence, making us aware of thoughts we’ve had but not known we had.

Solitude reminding us there’s a friendship with our own selves we must never neglect.

Silence and solitude, causing us to reflect. On ourselves. Environment… Life…

Often when done right our focus is turned upwards. God.

Wow. Awe. Silence and solitude; wade long enough and We connect with God. Linger long enough and His voice comes through.

Gratitude. Conviction. Gratitude. Wow.

Needy. Silence and gratitude helping me to be more aware of my neediness. My need for God. My inadequacy to make sense of the world of my own.

Silence and solitude. God I need You!


God help me!

Need to know you! Need You!


By Blessing Mpofu

that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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