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The Silence and The Move

2013 was a great year. Besides my other blog, I also got to start a photoblog and I Am Jonah, which is this blog. I’ve already written about why I started I Am Jonah here.

2014 started off with some significant changes for Ingrid and me. Our big change: we moved from Johannesburg as well as where we’ve served for a number of years. We both worked with Youth for Christ South Africa. Ingrid for seven years and me for five.

We started 2014 with a move to Cape Town to serve at The People’s Church (TPC). This is where we know God would have us serve at this point in our lives. So, with the new assignment, there has been some transition and changes in our lives, hence the silence here.


As we do some house hunting, we’re starting to get into some sort of rhythm… Together with getting a handle of our responsibilities at TPC I should start getting back into the writing rhythm on this blog.

Thanks for holding out and for those that have written asking, expect some posts in the next couple of weeks

Appreciate your prayers as we take on our new assignment…

Not a lot to say right now but just a shout out to fill you in, a little… More later… Stay strong… Talk to ya later 😉

By Blessing Mpofu

that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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