I recently travelled. I like travelling. If travelling by air my favorite parts of travel is taking off and landing. I don’t know why but they just feel ‘adventurous’. Ask no further questions…

When I’m away from where I live I’m also on the lookout for things that are different and unique to places. I collect weird signs. Sometimes I am that guy who watches people going about whatever they’re about.

At other times I’m that guy who smiles at you or greets you if he catches you staring at you. (I haven’t worked up the courage to offer hugs yet ;-).

Where was I? Oh, another thing I like about travelling is the airport. I like the feeling of going somewhere and the busy hum.

I like the luggage pickup, only if my luggage doesn’t take long to come out.

Something unusual happened on this trip.


There it was, a skateboard. Now this is the heart of this post. Yes, a skateboard. Maybe not.

For one second I had the thought what if I picked it up? I don’t think anyone who checks in a skateboard that way really means to get it.

After all, the first skateboard I owned was a friend’s who shared it with all the kids on the blog. Did I pick it up? No.

What shocked me was that I was actually having that conversation with myself. And not only that, it was just downright wrong.

A reality: I was tempted. That is the truth. I entertained the thought of taking ownership, aka stealing, and someone else’s skateboard. I hope you read it right: I was tempted…

I know that God wants of me and I know what God would have me do in such instances but I was tempted. There is a part of me that sometimes whispers, “What about… What if…”.

But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire ~ James 1:14 (ESV)

I am tempted. I will not lie and claim that I am never tempted. I am tempted and sometimes more often and intense than I’d like.

I Am Jonah.

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that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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