Success When God Sends

Jonah’s story, the one in the Bible, starts with God’s word “coming” to Jonah (Jonah 1:1). (This is one of those moments my head says, “Whatever that means”). God reaches and speaks to us differently at different times, as different people.

God sends us. How humbling.


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So, God sends Jonah, he didn’t go where he should have at first, but ended up seeing an entire city turn to God. What a story. I sometimes get caught up imagining that. Reaching an entire city, right up to its king.

Success When God Sends

I read this and don’t understand why silly Jonah got upset with that. Who wouldn’t want a city turning to God, as God’s sent person to that city? Jonah had what many Christ followers call, “A successful” ministry.

I want one. A successful ministry that is. I have these moments I imagine myself being “used of God” (that voice in my head again, “whatever that means”) that entire cities turn to Him. Ministry should be like that. Because God is with us, we must see “great responses and harvests”

(I feel “polluted” with jargon.)

I mean I’ve heard Daniel 11:32 preached… You know, “Those who know their God will do great things.” Does that “great things” mean I’ll get to stand in front of thousands to preach? Is great defined by the number of people who come to “hear me” preach or read my blogs?

Do I have the same definition of “great things” as God does?

It is the discrepancy between God’s definitions and mine that cause frustration in me [Click to Tweet]

In fact, these discrepancies are the source of my biggest disappointments with God. Why hasn’t God done this or that? One of the reasons is that simple: I have imposed my definitions of success and His will on Him. God doesn’t honor that.

What if my story is not Jonah’s? What if my story is Jeremiah’s, who from a young age preached as God sent him and so nothing as “dramatic and grand” as Jonah?

Jeremiah hardly had success like Jonah, if any. He preached throughout his life and every time he did, things got bad for him. He was arrested, thrown in a well and ridiculed. Had God sent him? Yes.

Am I willing to be in discomfort for the sake of God sending me?

There are times God has sent me, and I knew it was God sending me. However, somewhere along the way I battled separating what God wanted from what I wanted. I was clear about what the goal was. But somehow my selfish ambition and ego tried to feature in the execution.

Has “success” when God sends us, become subjective… to us and not by God’s standards? [Click to Tweet]

I pray I don’t get it twisted. I don’t ever want to get caught up in the belief that the more crowds I preach to the more successful and blessed I am. I don’t want the attention I draw or fail to draw to be the measure of God’s blessing on what I do or the assignments I know He’s called me too.

I’m confident that God was equally happy with Jonah and Jeremiah meeting their assignments. (Well He wasn’t happy about Jonah’s whining after, but you get the point I’m trying to make. Right?)

Sometimes I Am Just Jonah, when it comes to aligning God’s will and mine.

God, may doing exactly what you send me to do be enough. Help me never to make anything else more important. May my success be enough in being true only to you and where you send me. Amen.

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that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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  1. Dude, this is awesome. I think the ultimate success in our lives is when we are obedient to what God calls us to do. If it is to large crowds or provoking people to the truth in an unpopular way. Many times I have felt God wanted me to do something and I knew in my heart it was a good thing but I convinced myself out of doing it but then somehow plucking up the courage to do it and then seeing amazing things happen. One day I went to drop off a DVD I did for someone and the dad invited me in and we started talking in the dining room with his wife and 3 other elderly relatives of theirs. Somehow the topic shifted from the dvd to God and the bible. They were asking me so many questions and I did my best to answer as well as I could. While we were talking I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to pray for the family but I didn’t really want to and thought that sharing the word was enough. I had decided that I was not going to pray and when we finished talking I was going to leave without praying. Then the father said to me, “you are a good young man and you know your bible, but can you pray?” Yikes, my heart started beating so fast. God had me on an assignment and I knew what he wanted me to do but I was “jonahfying” the situation and running away. To make matter worse he switched off the tv and it became really quiet. At this point I knew I had to pray and there was no time to make an excuse. I asked everyone to hold hands and then I began to pray. I prayed for the family and for Gods blessing to be upon them and to watch over them and draw them nearer to Him and that He manifest his love in their lives. I prayed for the kids as well (even though they weren’t there) and some other things which I cant remember and when I finished praying the father was weeping. Man, it was incredible how God moved that day. Even though it was just that one family, the feeling was so exhilarating. Be it one person or 1 million, I know God has a unique plan for each of us! We need to stay focused on what God wants for us and cling to Him at all times!

    1. “jonahfying” the situation. I like that. ultimately i think God honours our faithfulness to Him even in the obscure. A great story you just shared: a great reminder that it is in obedience not a large audience that God is glorified. Our responsibility is obeying and doing as he sends us, nothing more, nothing less. thanks for sharing your story bhudi 🙂

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