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Hope [Photo Post]


Clouds gathering. Hopefully the much needed rain comes.

Just a needed reminder. I’m grateful for how God always challenges my despair with His life giving hope.

Hold fast.

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Jonah Notes: God’s Voice Through Twitter

This tweet was so on point, mainly because one of the post, The Notifications that touched something along these lines. So true.

Sometimes God fighting us is what is best for us. It takes discipline to allow Him to be God.

Related to the previous tweet. Sometimes I think and act as if I know better about my future and more, when I should be at peace with God for what He wants in and through my life.



The heart of I Am Jonah resonates with Nicole’s tweet. God, deliver me from this. Amen.



This is from one of C.S. Lewis’s works. A demon was being coached on how to trip up Christ followers.

The truth in this is that undermining community and gathering with other Christ followers for edification and service detracts from our spiritual strength. It facilitates our falling away.

Remember, you already have your Church Clothes on.


I got a laugh out of this one. The funny but sad truth is that sometimes people in the Church are far from what they should be. I mean everyone and not just the deacons.

This week, what are some of the tweets that made you examine your walk?


Jonah Notes Through Lenses


There’s a perspective about “older day” Christians that helps being back some sort of “freshness” into my perspective as a follower of the Way.

Some of the simplicity with sincerity people like Tozer wrote with is challenging and a good break from our present “Christian culture”.

Tozer’s “Knowledge of the Holy” deeply impacted me and has been a favorite for years.

His call is that of seeing God as He is. Having an untainted view…

What “classics” impact(ed) you greatly & recommend? Why?

Through Lenses


This is from Frank Viloa and George Barna’s book, Pagan Christianity

It makes me wonder about how we’ve complicated God’s mission. By trying to be “structured” have we, as Christ followers made things more complicated.

Every Church leader must always ask, “through our, mostly well-intentioned “structuring, are not making God and relationship with Him, inaccessible?” [Click to Tweet]

If we had to push “reset” and became the early Church, would we be, as the Church, what we are now?

God, help us to be as you would have us be. Both in relationship with You and with those that don’t follow you.

Through Lenses

Chosen, Sealed

A reminder from Ephesians 1:13-14

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Jonah Notes: God Tweets?

It is amazing the power a tweet can have. After all, God does use words to challenge us. To speak to us and shape our destinies. I read somewhere that some of the verses in the King James Version are generally tweet length. (Or was it in the gospels? Maybe I should be diligent about this… but that’s not really the point of this post).

God spoke in Biblical times through people. He still does. It can even be through people tweeting. Herewith are tweets made an impression on me.


Made me think a little and challenged me:










Jonah Notes

Not Marked; When I’m Not Sent

God sends me. He gives me assignments. I’m still humbled and trying to make sense of that. If you’ve been following I Am Jonah you should know, by now, how humbling I feel in this regard.

When God gives me assignments something about me is revealed. More than me, but He is also revealed. It is through cracked vessels God’s light shines. It is in our humanness and frailty that God’s treasure is not only kept but also shared with others.

There are instances when God sends me and there are assignments that aren’t for me. God has His purposes for sending me when He does and sending others too. I need to be reminded, from time to time, that I am not the center of it. That it is not because I am great that God sends, but it is by His grace.

When there is a need and God doesn’t send me I am sometimes jealous of other people’s assignments. At other times I am glad, grateful that He sent someone else. Some of those times it is because I can see the need and hurt but don’t understand it.

The truth is, I may be a Christ follower, but I don’t identify with everyone’s challenges, hurts and pains. I identify more with some than others. I do pray that God helps me to see and love others the way He does. I am not there and don’t think that I will attain perfection at any point in this life.

God is sometimes gives me a minute taste and I wish I hadn’t asked when He answers my prayers. God feels deeply for the broken, marginalized and hurting.

When the hurting pray, God responds by sending us [Click to Tweet]

God has sent Mary DeMuth. Mary has written many books (I only learnt how to count to ten, and after that it just becomes many for me). She has submitted her gift with words to God and He has used that. I personally know many whose lives have been changed through her work.

not marked

She is sent to people I cannot identify with. To people who I know are hurting but I’m not equipped to help the way she can. Her assignment is one of those I’m glad and grateful I did not receive. A difficult one. Mary has written a book, Not Marked. It is about her journey, dealing with sexual abuse, how it impacted her life and how she found healing.

Because I am not able to do what Mary can I have chosen to do the little I can to help her. Through her book many lives will find healing and be restored. Because it is not directly your assignment, it doesn’t mean you cannot be a part of it.

Help Mary get this book to people you and I cannot reach. Help bring healing to millions.

The assignments God gives us affect us, but are not just for us [Click to Tweet]

Though we benefit from being sent, we are not the object of God’s assignments; others are [Click to Tweet]


Update: Mary managed to reach and exceed her target. Because of that she her book will be able to reach more people in other ways. Follow her blog for details.