Jonah Notes: God’s Voice Through Twitter

Half our fears arise from neglect of the Bible – Spurgeon — Charles Spurgeon (@Spurgeon_) September 27, 2013 This tweet was so on point, mainly because one of the post, The Notifications that touched something along these lines. So true. “God is a mighty, wonderful adversary: He tries to save all the people trying to […]


There’s a perspective about “older day” Christians that helps being back some sort of “freshness” into my perspective as a follower of the Way. Some of the simplicity with sincerity people like Tozer wrote with is challenging and a good break from our present “Christian culture”. Tozer’s “Knowledge of the Holy” deeply impacted me and […]


This is from Frank Viloa and George Barna’s book, Pagan Christianity… It makes me wonder about how we’ve complicated God’s mission. By trying to be “structured” have we, as Christ followers made things more complicated. Every Church leader must always ask, “through our, mostly well-intentioned “structuring, are not making God and relationship with Him, inaccessible?” […]

Not Marked; When I’m Not Sent

God sends me. He gives me assignments. I’m still humbled and trying to make sense of that. If you’ve been following I Am Jonah you should know, by now, how humbling I feel in this regard. When God gives me assignments something about me is revealed. More than me, but He is also revealed. It […]