OK To Struggle With God, But In God

OK To Struggle With God, But In God
It is not always easy being vulnerable about struggles with myself in relating to God and what He expects of me. I wish I was super spiritual. The thing is, growing up as a Christian there were times I was made to believe that the more you matured spiritually the less you struggled with stuff. That you were impervious to temptation and unChrist-like behavior. I wish I knew earlier that it was OK, fine, to struggle with stuff. I'm not saying that it is fine to give into temptation but that temptation and other struggles of being a Christ follower Continue Reading [...]

My Right To Fight Back

I went to some offices that the law requires me to visit. (No, it wasn't the police. Sorry the story is not that juicy.) As a Christian I must be law-abiding. Right? Because it's right and Jesus said so. In my obedience to Jesus, and the law I went to submit my documents. After waiting for half the day I made it to the counter. As if I didn't have a difficult time already, the person who served me did everything right. Well almost… She asked for all the right information and the documents. The only thing she didn't do right, as far as I was Continue Reading [...]

Making Sense Of… | Jonah Notes #01

Jonah notes is about highlighting anything noteworthy fitting into the I Am Jonah theme. This is the first (hopefully of many) of summaries of things worth noting. The series will focus on things that we need to grapple with, in search for alignment with what God expects of me, of us, as Christ followers. The Meaning Of Christian Community This was a post by Joel J. Miller, author of Lifted by Angels. His post, "What does 'Christian' community mean?” raises the question of how we are to be part of the community of believers. What is Continue Reading [...]

Someone Else’s Skateboard

I recently travelled. I like travelling. If travelling by air my favorite parts of travel is taking off and landing. I don't know why but they just feel 'adventurous'. Ask no further questions… When I'm away from where I live I'm also on the lookout for things that are different and unique to places. I collect weird signs. Sometimes I am that guy who watches people going about whatever they're about. At other times I'm that guy who smiles at you or greets you if he catches you staring at you. (I haven't worked up the courage to offer hugs yet Continue Reading [...]