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The Things I Allow To Fill My Life

This verse speaks into giving the message of Christ permission to “marinate” my life. This just made me think of the things that I allow to fill my life. There are many things I give permission to occupy and fill my life in different ways. I do this by allowing certain things about my character and way of life. There is also the danger of allowing my inner world to go unchecked.

Unchecked by the Word of God. Unchecked by not praying as I ought, as a follower of Christ. More for my good than anyone else’s. Sometimes I’m not intentional enough. At other times I am. The challenge of being consistent. There’s wealth I miss when I don’t let Christ’s message completely affect me.

The message of Christ in all it’s richness means embracing God’s plan for me and through me, for others. The message of Christ is rich. By “the richness of the message of Christ” Scripture also speaks into the access the message of Christ gives me to God’s grace. The grace to become more into His likeness.

Not only that but the grace to grow together with other Christ followers. It means I depend on other Christ followers as much as they depend on me. We become more like Christ as we help each other. The outworking of Christ message not only demands responsibility for working out my salvation -Philippians 2:12-, but also my responsibility to my brothers and sisters.

Thus, the richness of Christ message filling my life helps me become in matters of identity. It affects my behaviour, in the matter of lifestyle. It reminds me of the need of others, lest I get self-absorbed. Being self-absorbed means I have the ability to allow myself to fill my life. Contrary to what Scripture teaches and God wants of me.

I need to be more mindful of the things I allow to fill my life. Attitudes, cares, relationships, hobbies, words, works, everything.

God, may I be filled and consumed with the richness of your Word. Help me see the wonderful things in your law – Psalm 119:18.

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By Blessing Mpofu

that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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