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Jonah Notes: God’s Voice Through Twitter

This tweet was so on point, mainly because one of the post, The Notifications that touched something along these lines. So true.

Sometimes God fighting us is what is best for us. It takes discipline to allow Him to be God.

Related to the previous tweet. Sometimes I think and act as if I know better about my future and more, when I should be at peace with God for what He wants in and through my life.



The heart of I Am Jonah resonates with Nicole’s tweet. God, deliver me from this. Amen.



This is from one of C.S. Lewis’s works. A demon was being coached on how to trip up Christ followers.

The truth in this is that undermining community and gathering with other Christ followers for edification and service detracts from our spiritual strength. It facilitates our falling away.

Remember, you already have your Church Clothes on.


I got a laugh out of this one. The funny but sad truth is that sometimes people in the Church are far from what they should be. I mean everyone and not just the deacons.

This week, what are some of the tweets that made you examine your walk?


By Blessing Mpofu

that i know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads

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