following and still learning to follow Jesus. an attempt at honest reflection in spiritual formation.

I made the decision to be a Christian or Christ follower before my teens. Over the decades, my faith and how it’s shaped my life and worldview have evolved, and continue to.

I’ve discovered that being vulnerable has led to a more authentic experience in my faith, and life in general. I know the previous sentence is loaded, and it’s one of the reasons for this blog––unpacking that.

It’s amazing how long it took me to embrace being vulnerable with God, myself and my faith community in my journey. Learning that God isn’t surprised but actually welcomes my honesty and vulnerability has been liberating. Of course, it is something I’ve known and been taught over the years, but I’m talking about experiential knowledge.

So, here I grapple with the my spirituality in a lived, real, everyday sense and from time to time, also reflect on a more formal approach through my theology undergraduate degree studies.