blessing mpofu | i am jonahTo start with, I’m not Jonah but Blessing Mpofu. And, I am Jonah. I’m a Christ follower and yet still learning how to follow Him.

In all this, I love Jesus, the Christ and His Church.

The reason I am Jonah is I’ve noticed some parallels between (what we know about) Jonah in the Bible and his interactions with God and his purposes.

He was sent to deliver God’s message to people and wrestled between what he wanted and what God wanted for him and other people through him.

This blog is a journal of wrestling with what God wants of me. What He wants me to be and do, and my challenges in becoming that.

It is a peek into an attempt to align my desires, thoughts, and all I am with God.

Like part of Jonah’s story, the blog is story of how we allow God’s purposes in and through our lives to prevail.

I hope you can identify with me and in a sense journey together in becoming all we need to be, as God requires of us.

Am I Running?

That I may know Him for who He is and follow exactly as He leads…

Following, yet still learning to follow.


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